Lib Dem Views page on Lambeth Borough Council

This by-election was held on the same day as the General Election.

The London Borough of Lambeth was an area of strength for the party up until 2006. In the 2002 election the party formed a coalition with the Conservatives with the Lib Dems holding 28 seats. In the 2006 election this was reduced to 17 seats and the Labour party regained control of the council and further reduced to 15 in 2010. In 2014 the party lost all its remaining 15 elected councillors. This by-election, which was caused by the ill health of a Labour councillor, was held in Prince’s Ward in the north of the borough. This was one of the 28 seats that the party held in 2002. In the 2014 election the Lib Dems came fourth behind the Greens and the Conservatives. In this by-election there was a marked improvement with the party coming second.

By-election – London Borough of Lambeth: Prince’s Ward

May 7, 2015

Labour 3,452 (44.5%; -5.4%)
LD Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett 1,748 (22.5%; +13.1%)
Conservative 1,518 (19.6%; +3.3%)
Green 901 (11.6%; -0.1%)
Left Unity – Trade Unionists and Socialists 99 (1.3%; -2.3%)
The Socialist Party of Great Britain (0.5%; -1.5%)
Majority: 1,704
Labour Hold