This was a deferred election in a ward with 2 Conservatives and one Labour councillor. There was no Liberal Democrat candidate this time, whereas there had been on the previous occasion. This looks like a reasonable result for Labour.

Kettering is a non metropolitan district, or lower tier of a county council, in this case Nottinghamshire

Result 4th June 2015

HARRIS, Kathleen Margaret Labour Party 614

HEATH, Alan David Green Party 82

HOGSTON, Sally Anne UK Independence Party (UKIP) 370

JELLEY, Ian Frederick Conservative Party Candidate 771

JONES, Malcolm Edward Labour Party 623

JONES, Stephen Christopher Green Party 119

MILLS, Alan John Labour Party 951 Elected

REEVES, Robert James Green Party 89

SUMPTER, Karl David Conservative Party Candidate 853 Elected

TALBOT, Margaret Elizabeth Conservative Party Candidate 777 Elected

Previous ward election in 2011

Conservatives: Ian Jelley 1,103 (E), Margaret Talbot 1,079 (E), Neil Matthews 1,052 (37%)

Labour: Alan Mills 1,077 (E), Mark Hughes 847, Martin Fage 778 (36%)
Independent: Alan Pote 616 (20%)
Liberal Democrat: John Holt 230 (8%)