The Lib Dems are the second party in Cambridgeshire County Council but this was a UKIP ward. This by election was a fight between UKIP and the Conservatives. This was won decisively by the Conservatives with a big swing away from UKIP. The Conservatives won the seat off UKIP. This result may have been influenced by the circumstances. The Cambs Times reports that the previous UKIP candidate was found guilty of benefit fraud.

Result of ward at last election (2013): UKIP 774 (38%), Conservative 636 (31%), Labour 333 (16%), Liberal Democrats 281 (14%)

Susan Lesley Carson UK Independence Party (UKIP) 298

Samantha Hoy Conservative Party Candidate 1020

Josephine Ratcliffe Liberal Democrats 61 (4%: swing -4%)

Dean Lyndon Reeves Labour Party 219