With the rise in the number of voters using postal votes a question that sometimes arises whilst knocking up is whether the postal vote can be used on polling day. In a recent by-election I checked the situation directly with a polling station office both with in person delivery of the postal ballot and the delivery of a ballot by a third party, for example the husband or wife of the voter.

The advice of the polling station officer in this particular polling station was that single or multiple deliveries of postal votes was possible. In the case that more than two votes were delivered by a single person additional details would be collected, however all the ballot papers would be accepted.

The situation is sometime confused by the fact that voters cannot vote at the ballot box directly if they have a postal vote. In the case that they wish to vote they must use the postal vote form. If this is lost they cannot vote by simply turning up at the polling station as there is a record that they are a postal voter. This sometimes leads people to state that it is not possible for postal voters to vote on election day. Strictly speaking this is correct, however since few people lose their postal vote form this is not the key issue.

Some additional information is available at the following web site.