LD Clare Malcomson 804 [50.2%; +24%]
LD Clayton Wellman 768
Conservative 492 [30.7%; +2.1%]
Conservative 458
UKIP 201 [12.5%; -19.5%]
UKIP 180
Green 105 [6.6%; +/- 0.0%]
Green 78
[Labour [0.0%; -6.9%]]

Turnout: 32.3%
LD gain from UKIP and LD hold
Percentage change since 2014

2011 Result
Nigel LIGHT Conservative 743
Mick LONGHURST Liberal Democrat 863 ELECTED
Laurence NASSKAU Labour 226
Holmwoods Ward
Turnout 42.9%
Betty SEALE UKIP 238

This was an election which should have taken place on 7th May and the results should be compared to 2011. This by-election resulted in a win for the Lib Dems and the party took one seat off UKIP. Mole Valley has a Conservative majority over all other parties so there is no effect on the overall state of the council, however this strengthens the Lib Dem council base in this area. It also strengthens the Lib Dems position as the second party in this district.

The comparison for this result should be 2011 although ALDC stats are showing the result against 2014. When we look at the result against 2014 the position can be seen as good for the Lib Dems but poor for the Conservatives which is masked in the data from 2014.