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Labour Zoe Moghadas 829 [37.3%;+5.6%]

LD Nichola Martin 782 [35.2%:-12.7%]
Green 467 [21.0%; +15.1%]
Conservative 100 [4.5%;+0.1%]
UKIP 46 [2.1%;-3.0%]
Majority 47 2.1%
Lab gain from LD

2011 result in the town council

Labour Zoe Moghadas 996 33.3 +11.4
Liberal Democrat Raj Shah 870 29.1 -9.0
Green Jamie Gibson 411 13.7 -2.7
Conservative Sam Barker 360 12.0 -2.1
TUSC Tom Woodcock 356 11.9 +2.4

This was a by election held in Romsey in Cambrdge, not related to the parliamentary constituency of Romsey in Hampshire. This election was in the Cambridge constituency which was formerly held for the Lib Dems. The Lib Dem councillor stood down but not in time for the by-election to be held with the General Election. The parliamentary seat was lost in May and now a council seat has flallen to Labour in a by election in that constituency. The Romsey Ward on the town council had been won by Labour’s Zoe Moghadas in 2011 by a wider margin than this victory so although this is nominally a Lib Dem loss it represents a move forward from 2011. Labour also won the seat on the town council. As a result this was a reasonable result for the party but not a strong one.

The county council was a minority Conservative administration with 14 Lib Dems and 7 Labour. This election shifts the balance towards Labour but does not directly affect the political control of the county. UKIP stood but lost ground from a low base.