Lib Dem Future page on South Kesteven DC
Independent 612 [36.6%;+1.8%] Elected
Independent 609 Elected
Conservative 605 [36.2%;-3.3%] Elected

Independent 426
LD Adam Brookes 229 [13.7%:+13.7%]
UKIP 224 [13.4%;+13.4%]
UKIP 129
UKIP 113
Green 0 [0.0%; -25.6%]

Turnout 23.1%
Two Independent holds and a Con hold

This was an election from 7th May 2015 that was delayed.

2011 result

BAXTER Ashley John Green Party First Choice Candidate 622
BOOKER William Paul Henry Green Party Third Choice Candidate 302
BROUGHTON Robert John (Bob) Independent 847 ELECTED
COSHAM Paul Conservative Party Candidate 959 ELECTED
EXTON Michael Conservative Party Candidate 766
FRAYLICH Jessica Claire Independent 533
HOWARD Reginald Christopher(Reg) Independent 844 ELECTED
SCHOLFIELD John Alexander Green Party Second Choice Candidate 330

South Keveston is a district of Lincolnshire with a strong Conservative vote and no Lib Dem councillors. There is a strong independent tradition. In this ward two Independents were reelected. The Lib Dems stood, whereas they had not stood in 2011 and the result saw a reasonable vote. UKIP were faced with a similar challenge but were beaten by the party.  They have one councillor in this district and put up a condidate but the weak performances by UKIP which have been a feature of this parliament continued.

The vote made no difference to the political control of this district.