The Liberal Democrats has had, for many years, interest groups representing the thoughts of different opinion groups within the party. The Social Liberal Forum has been seen by some as representing the left of the party and Liberal Reform (LR) as representing the right of the party. These positions can be misleading as LR promotes four cornered liberalism, however as broad positions they can be helpful. The voice of classical liberals and libertarians, whether left or right leaning was maintained until the 2015 election by Liberal Vision.

The Liberal Vision blog was seen by many as the voice of classical liberalism in the Liberal Democrats in the period between its launch in 2008 and 2015. It represented a place for those interested in finding how events were viewed by those of classical liberal view within the party. Following the election the blog has shifted from being a Lib Dem blog for classical liberals to a general blog for classical liberals which allowed Conservative party members on its about us page. In the preamble for Liberal Vision it stated that it was for ‘freedom loving Lib Dems’. This was removed after the election and replaced with ‘all people of any political colour who support liberalism, small state, low tax, more personal freedom.’