Lib Dem Future page related to this council
Conservative 579 [49.5%; +11.7%]

Labour 257 [22.0%; -8.0%]
UKIP 179 [15.3%; +15.3%]
Lincolnshire Independent 155 [13.2%; -19.0%]
Majority: 322
Turnout: 17.8%
Conservative hold
Percentage change is since 2013

There was no Lib Dem candidate in this by election. This was a poor result for Labour with a swing to the Conservatives in a seat that they had held. UKIP put up a candidate for the first time who performed reasonably, but there was a slump in the vote of the Lincolnshire Independents. This party is reasonably strong in Lincolnshire with 8 council seats so this looks like a poor result from their perspective.