Lib Dem Future page for this council
LD Geraldine Locke 1,189 [43.0%; +25.0%]

Conservative 1,081 [39.1%; -10.6%]
Green 237 [8.6%; -9.9%]
Labour 185 [6.7%; -7.2%]
UKIP 69 [2.5%; +2.5%]
Independent 7 [0.3%; +0.3%]
Majority: 108
Turnout: 34.9%
Liberal Democrat gain from Conservative
Percentage change since 2014

This was a very strong result for the Lib Dems. The seat was vacated due to the election of a Conservative MP in Twickenham who was also a councillor. The election was in Vince Cable’s seat and this was a strongly Conservative area within a Lib Dem seat.  The result from 2014 is below.

Party Candidate Votes Vote %
Conservative Tony Arbour 1,870
Conservative Tania Mathias 1,708
Conservative Gareth Evans 1,586
Green Michael Bangham 696
Lib Dems James Chard 676
Lib Dems Chris Gee 647
Lib Dems Mark Goodrich 593
Labour Caroline Loewenstein 522
Labour Gerard Ward 520
Labour Sheila Nixon 474

Conservative Home report a strong Lib Dem campaign and a weak Conservative campaign. It might be expected that Lib Dem Councillors would face a more severe challenge facing an MP in their constituency however this was not the case here.

The state of the parties prior to the by-election was 39 Conservative to 15 Lib Dems so there is no effect on the balance of power.