By Lib Dem Future

ALTER is the party’s Associated Organisation that deals with Land Value Taxation and Economic Reform. Questions were asked of both to express their views on subjects which were of interest to ALTER. This allows a judgement to be made about which is more favourable to the ideas of implementing Land Value Taxation and implementing economic reform in the light of the questions asked.

In the question about whether LVT should be a front and centre policy Tim comments

“I’m an enthusiastic supporter of Land Value Taxation and truly believe that it’s an idea whose time has come.”

This is a fairly unequivocal support for LVT. Norman Lamb states

“I think we need a new approach to the way that we tax land, not just to make our tax system fairer, but also to help meet our housing needs, and ensure effective use of our natural resources – and I would want to work with ALTER to find the best, and most practical, way to achieve this.”

This is still supportive of change but is not such a strong statement.

There was closer alignment on the questions related to economic reform. On the question of workplace democracy both were very much in favour of the increasing this and there is not much to differentiate them. On the final question which related to the use, by the Bank of England, of nominal GDP as a metric neither candidate came out clearly in favour. Both stated that it was worth considering.

In their general view of ALTER’s questions on the economy both candidates were similar in their opinions, however on the crucial issue of Land Value Taxation Tim Farron was significantly more favourable to the idea.

It is worth noting that Tim was highlighted in a news article in 2010 as a supporter of LVT in the article below. For this reason supporters of LVT might be swayed towards supporting Farron and opponents may lean the other way.