Lib Dem Future is a conglomerated blog for members of the Lib Dems.  There are a number of such blogs, sometimes linked to particular ideologies or interests and sometimes of a more general nature. The objective of Lib Dem Future is to be a non ideological blog for members. We promote all forms of liberalism and take a`big tent` approach. Our objective is to be an accessible blog and we plan to hold public meetings for those interested in helping the blog. We are a general blog but aim to be the number one Lib Dem blog for local government.

Our policy is to always publish a blog post that is submitted by a member of the party within set constraints that limit our exposure to litigation. We try not to favour any view or any individual and are rigorous in not favouring the central party and head office and those working for the party. We are a blog for the members.

If you want to help the blog there are three main ways. Firstly you can write a blog. Secondly you can help with some of the routine management of the blog. Thirdly you can join our Meetup and attend meetings.  Our blog is new but is now established. Our target is to post daily and cover all key issues for the party. If you want to help please get in contact and join the meetup group.

Lib Dem Future

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This is a meetup for Liberal Democrats. This group exists to coordinate the Lib Dem Future blog. This is a conglomerated blog which allows Liberal Democrats to publish blog po…

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