There are a large cluster of by -elections this week. These include elections in Rother, Norfolk, Wrexham and Kingston where we have candidates. All eyes will be on Grove Ward in Kingston. The result in a by-election held on the date of the General Election led to a close result with only 18 votes separating the party on a large turnout. The council is run by the Conservatives however the Lib Dems are the opposition party. The result could well be close again and Lib Dem members and activists are encouraged to attend.

Name: MOLL, Rebekah Jane

Description: Liberal Democrats
Number of votes: 1634

Name: HUGHES, Jason Robert
Description: The Conservative Party Candidate
Number of votes: 1616

Name: SOUTH, Laurie
Description: Labour Party Candidate
Number of votes: 853

Name: COBBETT, Tim
Description: Green Party
Number of votes: 458

Name: ANDERSON, John Gilbert
Description: UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Number of votes: 241

Name: TOLLEY, John
Description: Independent
Number of votes: 238

Name: THORPE, Gabrielle
Description: Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
Number of votes: 44