Update @ 3.40 The Lib Dem press office have announced that the result will be announced at 5.00 pm.

Today the leadership election result is being released. The count is understood to be underway with the result being released this afternoon, possibly around 4.00 pm. In the case of internal elections there are not normally press at the count so the result is issued directly to the agents and candidates who will generally be at the count. The result may emerge from social media or from an official announcement.

A rally has been organised in Central London for 6.00 pm but the location has not been released. The rally appears to be a large scale event with hundreds of people attending. The event has been advertised on the nain Lib Dem website. It is a free event and some tickets become available as people cancel but they are slightly hard to come by.

It is expected that the new leader will address the rally but the details are not clear. LDF is expecting to have someone at the rally and is planning to issue a report from the venue in the mid evening.