July 16, 2015

LD Jon Tolley 1,577 [59.9%; +26.3%]
Conservative 688 [26.1%; -4.8%]
Labour 223 [8.5%; -14.1%]
Green 88 [3.3%; -9.7%]
UKIP 58 [2.2%; +2.2%]
Majority: 889
LD Hold
Percentage change since 2014

Kingston Council was run by the Lib Dems up until 2014, however was lost to the Conservatives. Recently, however the results have been strong. This result was particularly so with a swing of 26.8% which is extraordinary since there were no significant factors to account for this. Jon Tolley owns Banquet Records in Kingston and is heavily involved in the music business. He puts on club night New Slang as well as many other music events. This was reported by an activist who canvassed in this by election as meaning that he had good connections with younger voters.

Jon Tolley stood as an independent in May. This was related to issues with the Kingston carnival. This was a significant issue in Kingston. There is an interesting article from the candidate on the link below