July 16, 2015

LD Rob Walsh 700 [52.2%; +52.2%]
Labour 353 [26.3%; -34.6%]
Independent 124 [9.2%; +9.2%]
Conservative 64 [4.8%; +4.8%]
UKIP 60 [4.5%; +4.5%]
Independent 41 [3.1%; +3.1%]
[Previous Independent [0.0%; -39.1%]
Majority: 347
LD gain from Labour
Percentage change from 2012

This result was an extraordinary one on a night of strong results for the the party. From a situation where we had no candidate the party gained 52% of the vote. The reason for this probably relates to the independent vote which fell sharply in an authority where independents are the largest bloc.

The authority is has a large number of independent councillors and prior to this the second party were Labour.  The Conservatives were on 5 seats with the Lib Dems on 4 seats. As a result of this the party is now the joint third party. What is more the party did not fight the ward. In the interpretation of this result it is important to look at the result of the independents. The previous independent no longer stood but a new one replaced them so it is essentially a fall in the independent vote from 39% to 9%. There are assembly elections in this area next year. This result must encourage the party in respect to this.

Result of ward at last election (2012):
Labour 825, 702 (66%)
Independents 450, 340 (34%)