There are a set of council by elections this week with Lib Dem interest. In the south there is a contest in a ward that is currently held by the party in Long Ditton. In the north there are two contests against Labour. In Blackburn with Darwen the party in fighting for the Mill Hill Ward and in North East Lincolnshire for the Croft Baker ward.

These elections will provide a chance to see if a pattern establishes itself after a set of strong results for the party last Thursday. The by-election in Mill Hill ward was a battle between UKIP and Labour. Given the weakness of UKIP it will be interesting to look at what happens to their vote. It would be expected to go to the Conservatives but this would not enable them to win here

The result for the Long Ditton in 2012 is below

Long Ditton Ward Result 3 May 2012
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Jake Delaney 888
Labour Roger Hughes 151
Liberal Democrat Toni Izard 916

DEAN Alan Liberal Democrat 100
LONGBOTTOM Michael UK Independence Party (UKIP)
618TALBOT Damian Labour 1084
TOLLEY Anne Marie Helen Conservative 375