The question that will be answered by today’s local authority by-elections is whether the exceptionally strong results of last week will be repeated. Attention will be paid to Long Ditton Ward in Elmbridge where the party is defending the seat. This is in South-West London which has been an area where some of our strongest results have been seen. It is close to Kingston where a huge swing was seen last week.

The candidate is Neil Huston and the seat is one that we currently hold. Lib Dem Future has contacts campaigning in this evening and who have been there earlier in the week. Thir view is that the potential for success seems good – basically promising but as we know you always need to campaign as if you are one vote ahead. Anyone in the area who wants to dash down should head for the committee room at 64 Ditton Hill Road KT6 5JD. The committee room is in a pub in the area.

Lib Dem Future prediction for this seat: Lib Dem to hold