Labour have held on to the Mill Hill ward in Blackburn. The Lib Dems has seen their percentage vote double in the two and a half months since May. This appears to show a rise in support in those Labour seats in the north which the party has sometimes struggled in. The coalition may have hurt the party in these areas and with its end voters seem to be returning.

July 23, 2015

Labour 505 (58.8%; +9.0%)
UKIP 179 (20.8%; -7.5%)
Conservative 106 (12.3%;-4.9%)
LD Alan Dean 69 (8.0%; +3.4%)

Turnout 22%
Majority: 326
Lab Hold

Percentage change since 2015

2015 May result

DEAN Alan Liberal Democrat 100
LONGBOTTOM Michael UK Independence Party (UKIP) 618
TALBOT Damian Labour 1084
TOLLEY Anne Marie Helen Conservative 375

Although this looks like a poor result the resu