July 23, 2015

Labour 1139 [75.4%]
Conservative 334 [22.1%]
UKIP 38 [2.5%]
Green 0 [0.0%]

Turnout 19.4%
Majority: 805
Lab hold

Results from 2014

Bush, Ruth Labour Party Candidate 1788 Elected
Green, Grazyna Conservative Party Candidate 546
Kitching, Russ UK Independence Party (UKIP) 308
McKie, Guthrie Labour Party Candidate 1493 Elected
Mukerji, Nilavra Labour Party Candidate 1415 Elected
Nassif, Aline Conservative Party Candidate 406
Sandford, Roc Green Party 464
Singh, Hartej Conservative Party Candidate 349

There was no Lib Dem Candidate in this by-election. On the surface this seems like a good result for Labour, however the Greens stood in 2014 and produced reasonable result, beating one of the Conservative candidates.  In this by-election they did not stand and their vote appears to have been redistributed to the other parties. Although the Labour % rose it was mainly as a result of the vote only being delivered to the Conservatives and Labour. The relative positions of the two did not change. The fall in the UKIP vote is very marked and part of a pattern that is being seen. It will be interesting to see how UKIP would perform in a parliamentary by election as there were strong performances prior to the General Election but these may not be repeated if the local by-elections are an indicator.