July 23, 2015 Labour 648 [82.5%] UKIP 90 [11.5%] Conservative 47 [6.0%] Independents[0.0%] Majority: 558 Lab hold No Lib Dem Candidate Result from 2012

New Tredegar electorate : 3319 turnout : 35.58%
candidate party votes %
Jones Morgan Independent 362 17.48%
Jones Gerald Welsh Labour 965 46.6% elected
Rees Les Welsh Labour 744 35.92% elected
Labour performed strongly in this by-election taking over 80% of the vote. The election was called as a result of the election of the MP who was a councillor. Reports online indicate that UKIP called this by-election using the rule that 2 electors can call a by-election, although this cannot be confirmed. This might have indicated that they expected to do well. They received 20% of the vote in the constituency in which the ward sits. As a result UKIPs second place could be a reduction in support. The key to this election was that the Independents who put on a strong performance in 2012 did not stand and this looks to have helped Labour.