This week saw a set of by-elections which produced a strong set of results for the party. Not as strong as last weeks exceptional results but none the less a good performance. There were five by elections in upper tier authorities. The party stood in three of these. In all three the results showed sharp forward progress. The outstanding result was the one in Long Ditton, to the South West of London in Surrey. This seat was won on an increased majority, turning a marginal seat into a relatively safe one.

In the two elections where we did not win the results show overall a more than doubling of the Lib Dem. These are good results in comparison to previous weeks

The performance of UKIP continues to be weak. Based on these results UKIP are behind the Lib Dems, whereas in the General Election only ten weeks ago they were well ahead. It may be that there will a sustained change in the polling levels between the Lib Dems and UKIP with the party pulling ahead.

A further encouraging result was seen is Seaford Central Ward on the Seaford Town Council where Isabelle Murray won the seat. This seat was originally won by the Conservatives, however the winning Conservative did not sign the declaration of office. According to the local press no reason was given. The cost of re-running the election was stated in the press to be £6,000. This may have helped the Lib Dems in this ward.

LD Isabelle Murray 370 [35.7%]
UKIP 210 [20.3%]
Independents for Seaford 207 [20.0%]
Conservative 193 [18.6%]
Green 57 [5.5%]

Turnout 26%
Majority: 160