At first instance, on meeting Tim Farron at a by-election at Carshalton and Wallington ward, I rather had him cut as a typical Yorkshire lad with aspiring dreams for happier life. However when he started speaking he struck me as someone in the same genre as gifted as JF Kennedy and Malcom X when it came to giving speeches. His memory surpassed him of all the sentimental history memories from late 1970s to the present day, However he really hit a chord with me when he said we should encourage land tax and that every family should own their own home.

I felt in society as a whole that other political parties had gone out of their way to break down cottage industry, family units living in close proximity and instead had led us into an adulthood of isolation not only from cottage industry and family units but also from our own barren cultures. Tim Farron suggested we needed more houses built in every area, he also discussed the misuse of social media spying on our email and said he valued freedom.

Freedom to me seemed a word that we in our society were fast losing sight of its core meaning. The manifesto of introducing land tax, freedom from social snooping on emails and proportional representations for the UK country. Raise the tax level threshold to £12,000, Mansion tax was upped to a level of £2,000,000, protect the environment, building 300,000 new houses, and increase the minimum wage seemed right.

The Lib Dems appeared to be the only party addressing the issue of disability, with £500 million was being given to mental health. Being a mother of a child with a disability, this seemed the only future way out of the sullied mire we had been facing since the late 1970s when the Tories cut milk from schools.

I felt that we might finally have a chance for all families to have a fairer life without poverty and prejudice. I’d been ‘Green’ most of my adult life, but what had it offered us here in England, and finally suddenly I heard the sense in Tim Farron’s words, six weeks before he became leader of the Liberal Democrats, it was only then I had found a politician with a similar view to life as my own. This initial speech as a small garden party paved the way for me becoming a member of the party. As surely it paved the way for him becoming the next leader and a possible future Prime Minister.