July 30, 2015

Listed below are the first preference votes:
SNP 1,690 [55.1%; +26.1%]
Labour 771 [25.1%; -25%]
Conservative 350 [11.4%; +4.2%]
Green 130 [4.2%; +0.7%]
LD Jonathan Waddell 125 [4.1%; -1%]
[Independent [0.0%; -3.6%]
[Scottish National Front [0.0%; -1.4%]
SNP Hold
Percentage change from 2012

Figures taken from ALDC website.

This election was held in a council seat won by an candidate elected to Westminster for the SNP. In both seats the same pattern was seen where the party broadly held its position with a slight loss of votes, but a heavy fall in the Labour vote. The SNP appears to be consolidating its vote in this area, however a base of Lib Dem support remains.