This weeks by-elections seem to reflect a change in the mood of the electorate. It is always dangerous to read to much into a single weeks results, however after the stunning results for the Lib Dems last week this week shows a different picture. What is apparent is a sharp fall in support for Labour. This could be linked to a feeling by the electorate that the party is heading in a new direction with a potential Corbyn leadership. This was seen across the country in a wide range of different sear in Aberdeen, in Consevative and in Labour areas.

This seems to have helped UKIP more than the Lib Dems, although UKIP remain weak. It is crucial for the party to beat UKIP everywhere in local by-elections to establish ourselves in second position everywhere. The Conservative votes rose this week and this could also be a result of a fear of Corbyn, although this is speculation.

There is, however, much to be positive about. The party seems to be getting better organised and stood in every seat. Additionally there is an opportunity to resolve issues with former Lib Dems who are now Independents. If this is the case we could see more seats being won in rural areas. This was seen in North Kesteven where a former Lib Dem seat saw a Lib Dem vote of 22, possibly as a result of Independents standing.