July 30, 2015

Labour 508 [69.5%; -21.2%]
UKIP 102 [14%; +14%]
LD Candidate Andy McGregor 82 [11.2%; +11.2%]
Conservative 39 [5.3%; -4%]
Majority: 406
Labour Hold
Percentage change since 2013

Figures from the ALDC website

This election was held in a seat not fought by the party in 2013, and it is a great credit to the local party that they beat the Conservatives in the seat. UKIP also stood, however the results in local elections show that the Lib Dens are the third party of local government. Although UKIP came second it is likely that with a new leadership and a rise in party support that we could see Lib Dems in second in these types of seat in future. In the long run it will be helpful to the party to win second places in these areas for a potential challenge in future. The use of ‘xxx party can’t win here’ showing the Lib Dems as the challenger will be helpful for our long term growth and to pin down Labour activity in their held wards, so it is to be hoped that these types of seats can be challenged strongly.