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Editorial policy

The blog takes contributions from a range of authors, normally members of the Liberal Democrat Party. The blog is mainly aimed at providing information and practical information to party members involved in the #libdemfightback looking to win council seats. We are not looking to attack other political parties or individuals. Our objective is to provide a level playing field for all commentators within the party. Our comments policy is to provide an area for polite discussion and avoid attacking individuals. The policy of the blog is that the decentralisation of power is the best route to success for our party and to avoid the problems that we have faced in the last parliament. This objective of this blog is not to offend or libel any particular individual, there are many other blogs for this. Winning elections is rarely helped by this approach and that is the best way to respond to our political opponents.

The Lib Dem Future Community

The objective of this blog is that it should ultimately be controlled by its community of contributors. The meetup group associated with this blog which has been set up to coordinate this is at the following address

Lib Dem Future

London, GB
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This is a meetup for Liberal Democrats. This group exists to coordinate the Lib Dem Future blog. This is a conglomerated blog which allows Liberal Democrats to publish blog po…

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