Below are the first preferences in the London Assembly vote. The final rankings are determined by transfers, so do not represent the position in the rankings. The information that was released with this had an additional comment regarding Merlene Emmerson.

“Candidate with a protected race/ethnicity characteristic and originally placed 5th but elevated to 3rd in order meet the constraints.”

This results in the final order as reported on other sites.

MULLIN, Annabel 103
MATHIS, Ben 47
HALEY, Brian 12
PIDGEON, Caroline 1462
BARNES, Dawn 108
BROOKS, Duwayne 82
DAVEY, Emily 540
RAY, Marisha 60
PLATT, Mark 22
EMERSON, Merlene 148
PEARCE, Pauline 32
BLACKIE, Rob 439
KNIGHT, Stephen 248
LASHMORE, Teena 30
POLANSKI, Zack 211